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I have managed to import two company files to STP last week. Just looked at the govconnect in reckon Portal I have these error messages sent back.
One company says TFN must be a valid TFN . Could this be I have a few employees with 111111111 as tax file number. I have repeatedly asked them to supply TFN but to no avail . They have been with us at least a year.
The other company error  says request ID valid , but pull request is yet to be queued.

Please advise on what to do.



  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,871 Administrator
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    Hi Sharon,

    In regard to the first error message, where are you receiving that specifically? Could you post a screenshot if possible.

    In regard to the second company, there's some info on that particular message here -
    The request is valid but the pull request is yet to be queued - Single Touch Payroll
  • Sharon CowleySharon Cowley Member Posts: 42
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    Hi Rav,
    having trouble uploading image. Its in the detail section of the submitted STP file, where it says to click on in the red error box.
    Just checked company that had pull request to be queued , now that has changed to - We were unable to process your submission because we could not locate the submission that you have requested to be replaced.
    I am processing another weeks payroll today does this need to be fixed before the next STP file upload.

  • Capricorn StagesCapricorn Stages Member Posts: 19
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    I have the same error on my last 2 uploads. We only have one company and everyone TFN's are correct as I have been paying them for years now.
  • Sharon CowleySharon Cowley Member Posts: 42
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    I did find one wrong TFN , which had 8 numbers instead of 9 . After I fixed this the STP file was successful.
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