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Hi, I updated to 2018 version (Accounts Premier)a while back.  Since then, having restored from back seems to possibly be a read-only file.  I can do Invoices etc on it but it comes up with the following message box  "The file you have specified cannot be opened. Make sure that it is not currently being used by another program or a read-only file.   The windows error was 'The file exists'. " What on earth can I do to fix it?


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    Hi Trudy,
    Take a look at the steps listed in this Knowledgebase article, it should resolve this for you -
    Warning: The file you specified cannot be opened. The Windows error is: The file exists
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    we are having the exact same issue
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    Hi Guys,

    When you updated to Reckon 2018 had you previously opened the Reckon 2017 company file in Reckon 2018 after the update, and been prompted to convert the file to a 2018 version file? If this is the case can you click on the company file in Windows Explorer, then right click and check its properties and see if it is a read-only file.Try changing it to an active file then try to recover it in Reckon 2018.
    Had you backed up the Reckon 2018 version of the company file and that is the one you are trying to recover? Refer to the above comment about Windows Explorer.

    Note that you don't need to restore a company file each time you open Reckon Accounts, simply open the company file.

    You only need to restore a backup file if the active company file has become corrupted. If it is a Reckon 2017 version when it opens, it will prompt you to convert it to a 2018 version.
    Or did you do the backup while still using Reckon 2017, then tried restoring the file in Reckon 2018  remembering that it is still a 2017 version of the company file?

    I hope you were able to follow the above. It got a bit loopy.

    Robert Smeallie
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