i have a error coming up to say file buffer empty

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  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,799 Administrator
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    Hi Ben,
    There's some info on this error message in this KB article -

    When I try to open Reckon Accounts I get an error Notification: !sz File Buffer .empty ()
  • SpillySpilly Member Posts: 212
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    File Buffer not empty, reinstall HAHA most funniest thing I've seen today. Since this error has been around for so long the Development team should attempt to fix it. Clearly the routine has no error checking, maybe they should add some.

    Businesses do pay for this software year in year out................
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    Is there a fix for this problem? - need to re-install software which has stopped working on Win 10
  • Alec WatsonAlec Watson Member Posts: 5
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    this has too just about the dodgiest software ever produced... i have had same fault several times.. tried un/reinstall several times this morning now into my 5th hour trying to get this crappy software to run... This issue has been around for several years now with no real fix... i get very annoyed when the snide woman on the phone laughs at me.... not happy user at all!!!

  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,799 Administrator
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    Where are you encountering this error specifically? Launch, performing a certain task etc?
    Which Reckon software are you using and which operating system?

    I know you've mentioned you've uninstalled previously, however I'd recommend performing a clean uninstall & reinstall. Instructions are below -
    Performing a clean un-install and re-install of Reckon Accounts Business
  • PennyPenny Accredited Partner Posts: 37
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    Hi Rav.  My Client had this error come up when trying to log in to RA Enterprise 2018 R2 Desktop version.  I have performed clean uninstall and reinstall with no luck. Computer is running Windows 8.1 64 bit. 
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