What does this error message mean?

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Hi I have this message from the ATO and I have no idea what it means. The value specified for an item does not match the item (value= 04087, item type=String uniqueid=http:// wwwsbr.gov.au/ato/payevnt:PostcodeT Hint The pattern constraint failed.
The element Payroll in namespace "http://www.sbr.gov.au/ato/payevnt" has invalid child element ' Amendmentl in namespace http://www.sbr.gov/au/ato/payevnt.List of possible elements expected: Interaction Transactionld in namespace http"// www.sbr.gov.au/ato/payevnt.Hint while proceccing parent elemnt payroll child mandatory element interaction trasactionld was expected but not found. So can anyone translate this?


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    Check if you have a staff member with a child support deduction - if it is blank or details missing you will receive an error
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    Hi Rosey - I would be checking postcodes for employees and also in your company information both in the Reckon file and also in your portal profile settings.  see this link for further ideas..https://community.reckon.com/reckon/topics/stp-error-addressdetailspostal?utm_source=notification&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=new_topic&utm_content=topic_link

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    Hi Rosey,
    That first error message shows that you have a five digit postcode somewhere in your employee list. Can you please check that out in your employee profiles, correct and recreate the pay event before submitting.
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    Hi Rav, I do need your help because the payroll payment hasn’t been cleared from my actual bank account, and My employees can’t receive the wages. Could you please check for me? I have called my bank twice and went to Westpac this afternoon, they all think I need check with the software . Thanks!
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    There is nothing stopping you from processing/paying the wages?  STP doesnt process the wages for you?  you still need to do whatever you would normally do to pay your employees?
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    Hi Rosey

    I had this issue after upgrading the tax tables. When you go to lodge your file from Reckon Do Not Tick the Full File Replacement box. It only needs to be ticked if you are replacing a previously sent file. Hope this helps your issue, it fixed it for me. 
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    Xingdong has 3 other posts not STP related where he has sent payroll to his bank and it has taken from 5/7 to today for the /Westpac bank to pay his employees.

    His bank blamed the software, I have posted for more information on his other posts
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