Reckon need to open their ears and listen about unworkable bank import

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WITHDRAWAL ONLINE 1995165 TFR Westpac Cho chq to choices This is a typical description from Westpac. Reckon dont look beyond the first 50 characters or so for rules. They refuse to acknowledge this is a problem. Bottom line every time you try to add a transaction from Westpac it has a unique number in description so you are forced to add this as a customer each time.


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    Ian I am having a similar issue with ANZ transfers only, Description has the same start sequence ANZ INTERNET BANKING FUNDS TFER followed by the identifier which does not get picked up by the import, so has to be done manually. No problems with eftpos ,bpay or direct debit as descriptions are short and unique to supplier. I think the bank needs to change its format but how does one communicate with a bank? and its not my gig but would save me time.
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    I raised the issue with Westpac twice. By phone and through their support system. No Response. Hopefully Reckon will hear and take note and extend their match further into the string - that would solve it as the banks appear to be imoveable., and they don't work together well with Reckon
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    Hi Ian,

    Thank you for your post,

    We've taken on board the previous comments about bank imports and it will be looked at for the next release of Reckon Accounts.


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