Changing 'Inventory Part' to 'Inventory Assembly'

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Hi there  :-)
We've got a client using Reckon Accounts Hosted.  They manufacture and sell approx 50 products - these are currently configured as 'Inventory Parts' and the quantities are periodically updated using 'Adjust Quantity/Value on hand'. 
They are looking to change to these products to 'Inventory Assembly' (and then establish a bill-of-materials made up of 'Inventory Parts').  Is it possible to change exisiting items from 'Inventory Part' to 'Inventory Assembly' ?

Many Thanks,


  • Rav
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    Hi there Steve,

    I believe this is possible to do, head over to

    Lists > Item List > Right click the particular item > Edit > Change the Type to Inventory Assembly > Take note of pop up dialog box warning.

    I suggest you attempt this first on a test account and then when ready to commit to your company file it's best to create backup first.


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  • Andrew_8635213
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    How did you end up getting on with this Steve?  I need to do the same with some items, and am wondering if there are any side effects as a result of changing
  • SteveRowe
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    Hi Andrew This was a couple of years ago, but from memory Rav’s advice above was good. I don’t recall any issues when I changed them. Kind Regards, Steve