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Hi Team, We would like to be able to email our customised payslips.  I have been told that I can only email the default payslip which is not suitable for our company.  Can this option be upgraded in the future? 


  • Rav
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    Hi there Helen,

    I've just had a word with our tech folks in regard to your query and unfortunately yes at the moment the ability to email customised payslips is not available.

    Certainly something I can raise for consideration and inclusion in the future.
  • Kathryn Parkes
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    Hi There, Has this option been updated to email customised payslips now. We have previously printed our customised payslips from the report section and want to start emailing them to save time and money but the default payslip has things we don't show on our payslips
  • Jennie Kemp
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    This matter was raised one year ago and has been raises as a concern for several years.  Could we please see this enabled in the next update.
  • Mark
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    Just to follow up on this, we have been waiting years for the ability to either:

    1. Edit the default payslip format in Payroll Premier.
    2. Email our own custom payslips

    Most people email payslips nowadays, so the ability to email our own custom format payslips instead of being stuck with the very old/archaic default Payroll Premier payslip is long overdue.  The formatting on the default payslip hasn't changed in years and looks amateurish.  It also shows fields that not every employer wants to show.  (i.e. commissions, sundries etc.)

    Are Reckon looking into this query which has been raised many times in the past?
  • Jennie Kemp
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    Hi Mark,

    Yes, requests for this have been ignored over the years.

    It would also prove extremely useful to be able to have a report listing the emails of staff in a report This request also seems to be ignored.

    Can Reckon respond?
  • David Castro
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    No wonder when I worked in other companies they have left reckon and gone with other software companies more advanced with better support system and listen to their customers.