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Nick Willcocks
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I use Reckon H&B 2016.
I have a number of investment stocks and would like to keep track of my investment depth across sectors.  How can I add the ASX Stock Sector (banks, materials, energy etc.) to my Reckon investment accounts?  And what report or chart would I then use to report depth of investment by sector?
I've tried using the account description field to hold the information, but I can't seem to access that field in any reports or graphs.

Any ideas appreciated.  Regards, NICK.


  • gazza73
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    I think you need to add this to the IDEAS list.  I don't believe that capability is present'.
    There are CLOSE variants of this idea in terms of the way say: STOCKS are categorised, but hat is ot by 'balanced SECTOR' attributes that you've suggested.  (particularly tying to narrow it way down to sub-levels like 'energy' for instance)

    There are software developers out there that deal with solutions like FAST REPORTS that extract all manner of information from the likes of Reckon Accounts to achieve such cross reference info, but I don't believe it links into Personal Plus. product line - BUT ENQUIRE!

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  • Rav
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    Hi Nick,

    This particular functionality is not available at this stage.

    However as Gary has mentioned, it's a good idea for possible future inclusion and I've added it to our Ideas.


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