Charging Interest To A Customer Account

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I am a teacher and I am using Reckon Point Of Sale Professional 2015 and Reckon Accounts Plus 2015. Each student has two Customer Accounts.. 1 for their Savings and Purchases and the other is a Loan Account (I have put their individual Loan Accounts as a Customer Account) I wanted to see if I can automatically set up 10% interest charged to their Loan Account each week if it isnt paid off. I just want to teach them the importance of not organising high interest loans. Cheers


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    Hi Jason,
    I believe this is possible. In RA Plus, head over to Customer > Assess Financial Charges to set up the charge and proceed with marking each account you wish to charge.

    Let me know how you get on


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    Thanks Rav,
    Yes i did see the Assess Financial Charges but wasnt sure if there was an Automatic Function. Also wasnt sure how to charge 10% each week if thats possible. Hoping someone can help out lol! :)
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    Can interest charges be set in Reckon Accounts Hosted for customers who are late paying thier account?
    Thanks, Corina