Reckon Accounts Administrator is editing user information - and we are all logged out!

Greg Hopkins
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One user gets a WARNING dialogue box when trying to log in. It says:

"The Reckon Accounts Administrator is editing the user information for user "BOB SMITH*". You can either try to log in as a different user or try again later".

So Bob Smith* cannot log in...

I get a different message: "Reckon Accounts is unable to open this company file. It may have been opened by another user. You should ask that user to switch to multi-user mode so you can both use the company file at the same time". (plus some crap about the file being on a network folder but it is cloud based so what the?)

So I cannot log on. This has been most of the day so far. Seriously enough is enough, why would admin go in during work hours without any advice to us?

I need this sorted ASAP please. We need to be able to log in. Why would admin do work to one user that prevents us from logging on at all? It is extremely poor.


  • John Graetz
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    Hi Greg.  The understanding from this is that somebody, somewhere, has logged in under single user mode.  I had this happen once before too and found that nobody else in the office was logged in.  After discussing this with Reckon, it was found that our external auditors, to whom the company file had been shared, were working on the file.  What we had to do then was to get them to switch to multi user mode and the problem was solved.  I now know what to do in the future, should this ever occur again.  Ifr you log in through Control Panel and click on ?Log off Remote Sessions ?, you should be able to see who else (if anybody)is using the file.
    John L G
  • Rav
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    Hi Greg,

    As John has mentioned above, please ensure everyone is out of the company file and log off any active remote sessions via the Control Panel and retry accessing the file.

    If you are able to log in, ensure that Multi-user mode is enabled and attempt to login with a secondary user.

    Please let me know how you get on

  • Greg Hopkins
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    This works. Whilst I am pleased we are up and running again I still find the initial warning message stupid and confusing. Very ambiguous as there was no admin editing our user files! Why specifically note something that was NOT the issue? It just led us on a time consuming wild goose chase... please review your error messages Reckon!