Loyalty Reports - Reckon Point of Sale (POS)

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Hi everyone,

We have found the cause of an issue that some users have come across in Reckon Point of Sale Customer Loyalty reports.

The issue appears if items are added to a transaction on the POS terminal before selecting the loyalty customer in the transaction, then the sales amount, points and $ value accrued and points and $ value redeemed for that transaction, will not be included in the End of Day Customer Loyalty report and the POS Administrator Customer Loyalty report.

The customers’ loyalty points balance, and the customers’ loyalty points balance on the POS Administrator Customer Loyalty report, will still be correct however.

This issue has been fixed in the soon to be released Reckon Point of Sale 2017.

A Work-around for Point of Sale 2016 and earlier versions:
Always select the customer first, or if you have already added an item to begin a sale then cancel the sale and select the customer first to begin the sale.

Note that for any transaction you should always select the customer first so that they get any customer discount due to them.