Personal Plus doesn't recognise I am an existing user.

Peter McKeandPeter McKeand Member Posts: 3
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I have just upgraded my 2013 Personal Plus to the 2017 version running on my Mac using Parallels. I whenever I open it I am always taken to the Get Started screen with options Iam new to Reck Accs or I am already a Reck Accs user..


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,801 Administrator
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    Hi Peter,

    Have there been any changes made to your file name? If so, could you please try shortening it to under 8 characters and check if the problem persists after this?

    Let me know how you get on

  • Deepak GyawaliDeepak Gyawali Reckon Staff Posts: 27
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    Hi Peter,

     Re registering the product may fix your issue. To do this, please go the location below and delete the quicken.lic file and register the program again with the Installation key code for the software.


    hope this helps.

  • Peter McKeandPeter McKeand Member Posts: 3
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    Thanks so much your efforts. I have 4 files and all now 5-7 characters. But still goes to "Get Started"
    each time I open it.
    Have deleted and reregistered too.
  • Justin CarterJustin Carter Member Posts: 1
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    I am using Reckon Accounts Personal 2015.  It has always recognised and opened long file names.  It still does and will reopen any from last year if I shut down from one of those.  It will not open a nearly identical name from this year's folder and also wont open last years one if I copy it into this year's folder.  It persists with asking if I am a new user.

    If I click directly on the file in windows explorer, it will happily open it.  This would also indicate is is not a function of file name length.  

    Any other suggestions?
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