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Kristy Sparrow
Kristy Sparrow Member Posts: 2
Hi, Hope someone can help.  My Dad has a very old Windows computer running Reckon Accounts Business Range  2013, he needs a new laptop and we were looking into an Apple Mac but have read that Reckon will not run on Apple.  If we purchase a Windows laptop will the Reckon Accounts Business Range 2013 work ?  I need it to be as close to possible as the current set up as my Dad has had a stroke.
TIA, Kristyimage


  • Kristy Sparrow
    Kristy Sparrow Member Posts: 2
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    Thanks Kevin, is hosted similar to operate ? I'm not sure he'd cope with Parallels but I'll certainly look into it.
  • Rav
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    Hi Kristy,
    Hosted is cloud based solution which means there is no local installation it runs through your internet browser like any other website. There's more info here - and I'd recommend taking up Kevin's kind offer of a trial first to give it a test run.

    Just another note to keep in mind, Reckon Accounts 2013 is not officially compatible with Windows 10 which a new Windows based laptop will more than likely come with if you purchase one. That's not to say it won't work as members such as Kevin himself is an expert on this, however you may encounter varying issues including email & print from the program.