Reckon one bank feeds - 0 transactions left on my plan?

Kay Juliff
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I have been using Reckon One since July 2015 now to look after my sister's accounts.  I am on bank feed 'lite' which says it allows 100 transactions a month. Up until now it has worked OK and nothing has changed with the accounts in terms of average number of transactions.  

As of a week ago when I open a one of the two bank accounts that is linked to the bank and click on "New" the bank data isn't downloading.  It shows I have "0 transactions left on my plan". 
I presume this is why the data doesn't download?  Is that right?

If so, I don't understand.  I have counted the transactions downloaded since the beginning of December and it is less than 100 across both accounts that I get bank data automatically downloaded.  

I asked a question last week via support and have had no reply.

Can anyone explain how it all works for me?  I am a bit frustrated that there doesn't seem to be any documentation I can find that explains exactly how 100 transactions are counted and whether something has changed.


  • John G
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    Hello Kay,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    I'm sorry that the holiday period has delayed a response to your original enquiry.  I'm told that a response has now been sent to Advantage Support who should be in touch with your shortly.

    The usual cause for your allowance running to zero is that a download for a period greater than the past month has been made, resulting in the allowance for your current period being exceeded by those additional transactions.  Bankdata allowances are reset to the plan limit at the time of renewal;  unused downloads do not carry across to the next subscription period.  

    Please correspond wit Advantage support if there are other issues involved.

  • Scott_9268347
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    I am having the exact same issue, I have only used 40 of my transactions. Is there an issue with the bank feeds? 
  • Rav
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    Hi there Scott,
    Just checked with the BankData team and they've recieved your query from the technical support team. They're looking into it and will get back to your shortly via email.


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  • Scott_9268347
    Scott_9268347 Member Posts: 4
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    Ok Thank you, I look forward to them getting back to me asap as without these transactions I cant do end of month tasks unless every transaction is entered manually which I am suppose to paying for an accounting system to do.