Should I start with Business (sole trader) account and add a bit of Personal (married couple) or vic

Greg Long
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After 24 years of PC-based Intuit/Quicken/Reckon Personal the cloud is calling.

Can I use Reckon One for both Personal (married couple) and Business (sole trader) accounting? Should I select the Sole Trader option, or the other/personal?

 Cheers. Greg

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  • Rav
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    Hi there Greg,
    Welcome to the Reckon Community,

    Yes you can certainly use Reckon One for both personal and business accounting however there are some limitations such as investment tracking/share price downloads not being available in Reckon One as yet. This functionality is unique to the desktop Personal Range.

    In terms of your selection when creating the book, you can choose either as its just a industry type list. If you're running a Sole Trader business, I'd recommend choosing that type.
  • Greg L
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    Excellent, thanks Rav - diving in now. Greg