Company information is valid and then nothing?

Sylvia Daniels_9722130
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I am having the same problem. After fixing an email issue I now receive an error message "Company Information is valid" and the nothing else. I have checked Payroll Premier and the information is correct, except that the GovConnect site does not have an address noted. We do not have the option for a branch number in the Company Info panel. Any help greatly appreciated. 


  • Rav
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    Hi Sylvia,
    The 'Company information is valid' message relates to a mismatch with the branch number between GovConnect STP and Payroll Premier.

    If you take a look at the branch number listed in your Company Information settings in Payroll Premier and ensure that it matches with what is listed in GovConnect STP it will resolve this for you.

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  • Kali
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    My address details are blank but are entered in Payroll Premier (and have been for a very long time!) - is there a suggested fix for this?