False password dialog. Password is correct, but Reckon tells me it is wrong

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So I have several Reckon users. Some are running it off their laptops, while on the Company network to access to the company file.

Some are on Terminal Services users on a Windows 2012r2 Server.

On a set of four laptops, I enter in the exact same user login details. On machines 1, 2 and 3 it tells me the username or password is incorrect. On the fourth, it logs in successfully. I did this 9 or ten times, and had actual user do it a few more times with the same result.

So I switch to a different Reckon user account and try to login. Machines 1, 2 and 3 all tell me the username and password is wrong. But machine 4 accepts it. 

So I switch to yet another Reckon account. Same result.

It's frustrating for the users, and very strange. It's only happening to the installs of Reckon on the actual machines. It does not happen via terminal services.



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    Hi Jarryd,
    I've had a chat with our Data Services team about your thread and there are a couple of things to cover. Are you accessing identically named files on different locations?

    Check out the following suggestion,
    • Remove the file from the location where it is currently stored (or change the file name by adding a prefix "XXXX" to the QBW file name.)
    • Ask all users to attempt to open the data file
    • If any user is able to open the file, then they are not opening the actual file that had its name changed
    Note: the users should not attempt to locate the name-changed data file, they should open the last file that they previous attempted to open which gives an invalid password warning.

    The other test is for the user who is able to login, have them bring up the Product Information screen to see what the location is of that file they are opening.
    How to view the Product Information screen on Reckon Accounts Desktop
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