Single Touch Payroll report not finding employees

Caroline Suhardjono
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Single Touch Payroll report not  finding  employees
After I done the payroll and clicked the PROCESS PAYS button, usually they asked about Date Paid preference.
Clicked the date paid then usually the report came up with all the employees being paid.
Already 3 payrolls  ( Oct - Nov - Dec) the report showing NIL result.
It was working alright from July - Sept.

Anyone can help??? what happened with this systems???
or any update I should download??

There are 2 companies in same program... 
One company with only 3 employees have no problem and still producing the STP report.
The other one with 33 employees which have a problem.
But it is under same software Payroll Premier. 


  • Rav
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    Hi Caroline,
    I'd recommend taking a look at this Knowledgebase article as a starting off point -

    Some or all employees are not showing up on STP export report

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  • Caroline Suhardjono
    Caroline Suhardjono Member Posts: 11
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    I just done the archive. But I think because I already done my payroll prior the process it still showing no employees.
    I guess I need to wait to January payroll to see if this is working.
    Is that so?
    As the the note saying "the next payrun" will show all employees.

    Thanks for the tips of archiving the data.

  • Caroline Suhardjono
    Caroline Suhardjono Member Posts: 11
    edited January 2019
    Hi Rav,
    I have managed to do the STP for the smaller company.
    but for the bigger one, I think I did not click the CHANGE TO DATE PAID button.
    And now it is not producing the employee list again.
    How to rectify this so then the STP working again??

    Thank you