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We're doing some work for an accounting firm that uses Reckon APS. We would like to pull some information from this platform into the new platform. I've tried contacting support and the relationship manager - no success. Question - Does Reckon APS - Practice Management Software have documentation around API or does it have an SDK? What is the approach to receiving access?

We've wasted time following up with your support team and hoping, I have a quick response here.


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    Hi Roosevelt,
    APS has private API only. As you're working with an APS firm the usual process is for them to contact their Reckon relationship manager to discuss options. Where has this been left at with your discussions with the support team? 
  • Teddy
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    Hey – The API Support Team at Reckon have been helpful, no doubt about that! However, we were given access to the Reckon API and not – Reckon APS. We signed the agreement and completed the process only to realise that was not what we were looking for. However, it’s good to have that completed – We would require that soon. Recent development – We were directed to someone from the Product Team in New Zealand. There’s no reply from the guy, which is not what we were expecting.

    I appreciate you taking the time to reply and pointing us in the right direction. We will be contacting the firms Reckon Relationship Manager.

    If we have any further questions, I will try this space.

    Cheers! - Ted :)

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