Email messages sent from Reckon one ( being junked or not received by clients

Michael Clarke
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We are an IT company and understand why this problem is occurring, but we cannot understand why Reckon still haven't addressed this issue - or we cant find anything anyway. If you are using a cloud email service like Office 365 (Exchange online) you may be experiencing this problem and it will only get worse. If you have the sending address for invoices as example [email protected] set within Reckon One, it may not reach your customers. The reason is that your email services treats the message as junk because it was sent from with this email address, but not from your email service. A receiving email service (your customer) can see this and rightly designates it as SPAM. To deal with this, Reckon can create what we call a Domain Key that you have placed in in your mail service (it is not difficult). This is a special record that tells receiving mail services that the message is authorised and ok to process. Xero offer such a key, but  Reckon have still not in all these years provided such a key and I would like to know why? It is painful to have to manually email half of our customers because of this problem.


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    Hi Michael,
    There's a fair bit of information on the email process in Reckon One in the below post from a couple of years ago - Reckon One - CHANGES TO EMAILING
    I'm not sure about the 'key' that you're referencing and how that fits with the above but its something I'll run past our Reckon One team.
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    Hi Rav,

    Michael is so right with his comments this has been an on going problem in Reckon for to long. If ‘The Team’ like your self are not sure about the ‘key’ Goggle ‘Domain Key’ and you will understand where Michael is coming from. With the amount of Question and Problems on this topic over the years I thought we would have had an answer from ‘The Team’ by now.

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    This seems to be such an old and ongoing problem.  We have just moved to Hosted and this would be one reason we are thinking about moving back to desktop !