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I am trying to lodge my first STP and reach the point of lodging. A message comes up: Invalid Company information. Please check your ABN/WPN, Company Name and Branch number match those set in Reckon GovConnect Single Touch Payroll for your company.
My question is how do I see the information in the Reckon GovConnect to know what is mismatched.
I understand that Support is probably very busy but after spending hours waiting to get through I hope someone in the Community can assist


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    Hi Bob,
    The invalid company information error is an easy one to trip up on. The area you need to check in GovConnect is the 'Company & Advisor Info' section when you open your STP entity.

    I'll add an article below as well which has more info on what to check -
    “Invalid Company Information error” in Govconnect STP when submitting pays from Reckon Accounts
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    Usually it is the Legal Name that is the problem - when STP is set up you must make sure that Legal Name in Reckon file exactly matches what shows in the STP set-up - usually CAPITALS issue. In Reckon file go to Company (top of screen) Company Information, in the Legal Name box ensure exactly same. Otherwise may be that you have not notified the ATO of software ID (found in the Reckon GovConnect STP Company and Adviser Info area) (ph ATO 1300 852 232)
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    HI   I am having the same problem. I've done as you describe above without success. There are some fields in the Hosted Tile / Company & Adviser Info that is incorrect but I can't see a way to edit this; e.g. the software ID is incorrect. Is there a way to edit this?
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    The software ID of Reckon will be different from the software ID of Reckon GovConnect. It is the Reckon GovConnect software ID that should be reported to the ATO (1300 852 232) which is auto generated - and not editable.
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    I looked and could not find the problem and rang every day the support line but could not get through which I do understand, however I rang the support line Saturday at 9.00 am and got through in 5 minutes. The support person (I don't know his name) was fantastic. He logged into my Computer and fixed the problem in 5 minutes. He need 12 Gold Stars for his work.
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