ATO STP error message

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What does this error message mean??

Error messages


  • Rav
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    The first error message shows that you have quotation marks (" ") in a phone number field. You'll need to correct this and ensure the phone number fields only have numbers and no special characters.

    The second error message shows that there is an invalid entry in an address field.

    In both cases, you'll need to correct these in your Reckon software and once done recreate the pay event file before submission into GovConnect.
  • E-Lan
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    there are 2 companies (2 STP files).  All using the same ABN, no branch number, different address. 
    1.  I have checked the company information under both files - both telephone numbers under the numbers tab do not have any quotation marks.
    2.  Address is due to one of i have 2 lots, so i have put 30-32 .. so now, i removed the -, and hope it will go through

    i will try again, and hope this time it will go through. 
  • E-Lan
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    Just got an update.  1 went through 'success'.

    but the other one show
    ATO Messages

    The following error messages have been returned from the ATO and need to be reviewed. You may need to make changed in your accounting product before submitting again.

    Error message

    • Either the ATO is down or Reckon SBR is unavailable.
    What do i now?  Do i try again later with the same file upload, or there is something missing in the system that i need to update? 

    Many thanks for helping to get 1 of them through :)

  • Tiffany Jennings
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    Hi Rav, I have the second error message however have check the Reckon file and all employees addresses are entered exactly how Reckon allows, not special characters etc. What else do I need to change?