STP Upload Pending 2018/19

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Hi Rav I have 2 companies with employees. 2019/20 PP update has been loaded. One company I was able to upload the last pay for 2018/19 so all good ready for the new year.
The other company I uploaded the final pay week 26/6/19. Status is "pending".
I have called the ATO and still waiting for a call back. I was told 48 hours that was on Monday. Still no call back. Surprise, surprise!!
I had no problems with this companies STP File throughout the year.
Today is payday. So not sure what to do now.
Can I re-load that pay or do a replacement of the 26/6/19 STP file. Maybe that will work? Then I can upload the final pay event file?
I am running out of time.


  • Mick Hughes
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    Hi Libby. I have been submitting STP for the last couple of months. Most of my uploads show pending. However when i check the Tax Office Business Portal they appear to be there.
    Iwill be interested to see what Rav hes to say.
  • Pat Hobson
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    I have 4 pending uploads but have had confirmation from my accountant that the figures have uploaded. This is not an ATO thing, it must be a Reckon thing. But if the numbers are getting through, I see no issue for users.
  • Rav
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    To view the most recent response for the specific pay event click on the 'Detail' link and you'll see the message at the top of the screen. The status message in the list screen will also update based on the response ie. Success, Error etc.

    This has already been covered in detail on this article, check it out for more info - 
    STP submission status messages in GovConnect

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