How do you run an update event

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I have to complete an Update Event but need some instruction on how this is done. I realize I need to check the box that says Update Event for the pay period but where do I actually change the figures for the employees so they are correct? We run Payroll Premier if that makes much difference.


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    Hi Lisa,

    An Update Event can be used to correct Employee YTD figures where a change has been made to a prior Employee Pay Event.

    An Update Event can be used to: -

    - Correct misclassifications where, for example an item has been reported as Gross Payments when in fact it should have been reported as an Allowance

    - Where the Employee YTD data in the Payroll System doesn’t match what has been reported to the ATO.

    There's a really good guide here for Single Touch Payroll when using Payroll Premier and also covers off the update events and full file replacements
    Payroll Premier Single Touch Payroll Guide

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  • Lisa_10117521
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    Thanks but this doesn't help with my query. At what point and where do I change the incorrect figures??
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    I would also like to know how to do an Event update, as i duplicated a week's payroll to the ATO and my YTD figures are out.