STP end of year issue

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Payroll Premier 2019-20
I have replaced the RINB exe file patch to create my EFY STP file for the 2018-19 year. When I attempt to lodge this with the ATO via the reckon Portal the file appears to upload.  I receive a "success" message however the uploaded file does not appear in my list of uploaded files and so I can not approve it.
When I look in the ATO portal it shows that Finalisation of 2018-19 data has not been received.
How do I fix this?


  • Rav
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    Hi Gnomic,
    On the Reckon GovConnect side of things, which Reckon product have you selected?
    What you've described will occur if you submit your file to an incorrect product selection in GovConnect. So for example, it certainly sounds like you have the Payroll Premier product however is that what you have chosen and are uploading to in GovConnect OR have you selected a different product like Reckon One, Reckon Accounts etc?

    If you could post a screenshot of your GovConnect page that would be great.

  • Gnomic_10118354
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    Hi Rav
    Thanks for your prompt reply.  Payroll Premier is registered as the software in the Reckon Portal.  I've been uplaoding STP files for the last 12 months, it's just the EFY year that doesn't show.

  • Theresa Waters
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    We have the same issue and are defiantly using the right tile.
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    Hi Rav,
    We are having the exact same issue as described above.
    We have lodged the EFY STP report yesterday through GOVConnect and showed SUCCESS, however it is not listed anywhere as being lodged on the GOVConnect site.
    We have also looked on the ATO business portal and it does not appear on there either.
    How can we confirm that the report has been submitted?
  • Gnomic_10118354
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    This problem can happen when a different branch or ABN is contained in the STP file.

    Go to the File->Company information and check the ABN number.

    Then check the Branch number. 

    Go to the File->Preferences->Files and enter the Branch as 000.  Then create a new EFY STP file and reload it in the Portal.

    NB> If these numbers are incorrect for a normal STP file it won't load.  With the EFY STP file it appears to load with a success message but the file isn't listed for authorisation.