multi factor identification for two users

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Multi-factor identification for two separate users.
We have two people able to access our payroll and need another multi-factor identification for the second person.  How do we set that up and how easy is it to change between users. I need the second person to do payroll while I am on holidays and the number will need to go to a different phone.
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    Hi Nikki,
    Its super easy to set this up. In a nutshell, your colleague will need to sign up for their own Reckon Portal account and then you will share your existing STP entity in GovConnect with them ie. to their Portal account. They will have their own MFA on their mobile.
    So when you go on holiday, they will sign in using their own account, verify themselves with their own MFA and be able to submit STP pay events.

    We've got a full guide on how to share your STP entity with others here -
    How do I share my STP entity with others in the business?
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