STP - New file however few pay runs to send to ATO

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I am currently setting up a new Reckon One account to be STP compliant. 

My question is, I am about two months behind (weekly pays), therefore this data will need to be entered into Reckon One, what is the best method to complete this and send this information to the ATO? 

1. Enter each weekly pay run and send each pay run to the ATO. As Reckon One sends the information with YTD amounts will this affect my the EOFY STP compliance? 

2. Enter everything up until a point as opening balances. Process a recent pay run and send that payrun along with the YTD amounts. 

Thank you. 


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,790 Administrator
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    Hi Michelle,
    I'd go with option 2. There's no need to send each individual pay run since STP is reported on a YTD basis. Enter your YTD balances and then process the most recent pay run and send your submission.
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