Automatic renewal - when does it process?

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Hi all,

This is the first year we have setup our debit card to automatically process our renewal. For those of you who have completed the process, did the payment come out on the due date or prior? Ours is due to expire on Saturday and I just updated the card details, as the one that was on file had expired. 

Thank you in advance for your time! 


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    Take a back up TODAY and get your IKC for reckon enterprise desktop. A little bit of planning will save a boat load of grief
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    Hi Stephanie,
    We'll send you an email prior to your subscription expiring to let you know of the payment date and amount that will be debited.

    The payment will go through even if its a weekend. If you want to double check the details or subscription give our Customer Service team a buzz and we'll make sure everything is set up correctly. 
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