STP file Numbers for SUPER does not match payrun, payslip or reports for some employees

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When reviewing the final monthly pay processing for the year (June 2020) and ensuring the STP file in Govt Connect matched all reports I found the amounts listed under "Super" (Super Guarantee) for 2 employees were wrong and did not match the payrun, payslips or reports. Looking back at previous months the balances were also incorrect, in addition the movement between the May 2020 and June 2020 balances were exactly double the amount processed in the June month pay run.

This is one example:
  • Payrun, Payslip and Reports show June 2020 YTD SUPER Guarantee as $6828.11 and Month as $1726.33
  • The STP Files show June 2020 YTD $8554.44 Super Guarantee and May 2020 YTD as $5101.78 a movement of $3,452.66 which is exactly twice the actual amount processed in the pay run.
This looks like a corruption or fault and needs a Reckon Employee to have a close look. I need an answer as to why this is happening and how it can be fixed urgently.




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    Just to correct my original post the May YTD balance was correct in the previous STP File at $5,101.78, it is just the movement in June was $1,726.33 and therefore should show a balance of June YTD of $6,828.11 per the payrun, payslip and all reports. The question remains as to why the Reckon One detailed Govt Connect file for June YTD shows $8554.44 (double the month movement)?
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    Hi Matt,
    For something like this it'll be best if you give our support team a call so a technician can take a closer look at the book.
    Give us a buzz when you can on 1300 RKN ONE (1300 756 663)