"finalise year " STP Total Gross and Total PAYG is zero, how do i fix this, thank you

Lawrie Sewell
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I have just lodged "finalise year " STP 2020 year in reckon gov. Gross and PAYG have no Totals, how do i fix please.


  • Rav
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    Hi Lawrie,
    This is normal, you won't need to do anything.
    If you'd like to see the individual employee's YTD figures, click on the 'Detail' link next for that respective employee.
  • Lee
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    the 'finalise year' STP figure of $0 may look alarming but it includes the last pay run. As Rav has said, if you look at the 'details' of it and compare it to your reckon figures, you will see that the figures match.