End of Financial Year Procedures - Reckon Accounts Plus 2019

Mark Cusworth
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Hi, this is the first time through end of financial year for me with Reckon Accounts Plus 2019. I have completed the STP finalisation step however I am wondering is there any other end of financial year procedures to complete such as locking the accounting file or rolling over the financial year? Any advice for end of financial year procedures would be appreciated. Regards, Mark


  • Rav
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    Hi Mark,
    There is no specific rollover process at the end of the financial year when using Reckon Accounts. The file is continuous. You can however choose to lock transactions to a certain closing date ie. end of the financial year if you wish.
  • Mark Cusworth
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    Thanks Rav, all sorted!
  • jenny_9151212
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    Hi Rav

    sorry i think i have asked the same question somewhere, but i have waited for a month for the system to sort out itself. but nothing happen

    my problem is we have been using Reckon Accounts Premier for years just for payroll. now we will use it for accounts as well. so i looked at the chart of accounts, our payroll expense accounts total is the total figures for last few year rather than just for last month. how do i fix it? i have asked, and was told the system will reset the expense and income account itself. but nothing happened. thanks again



  • Kris_Williams
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    The figures will remain in the expense accounts forever, but reports - Profit & Loss is generated by the period entered. However Asset or liability accounts need to be journaled to Zero, if that is required, as they carry forward on Balance Sheet