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When using Reckon One and emailing invoices to clients, they are received by both the recipient in the To field and in the Bcc field. However, if I insert a recipient into the To, Cc and Bcc field, the person in the To and Cc fields do not receive the emailed invoice. My email address is in the Bcc field and I do receive the invoice. Does anyone know if Reckon are aware of this bug and if so when it will be fixed?


  • Rav
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    Hi Tanya,
    I just tried to test this out, I created a new invoice in Reckon One and added 3 different email addresses in the To, CC and BCC however in my case I received the email to all 3 email addresses. Although in saying that, in one of my personal email addresses it diverted the copy to the Junk folder.
    Created a few invoices to see if I can replicate however I couldn't seem to get the result you are experiencing.

    Does this occur for you consistently?
    A couple of recommendations for the recipients who are not receiving the emails;
    Check the Junk/Spam folder to check if the email has been diverted there
    Add as a safe sender

    After doing the two things above, can you please test this again and let me know if you still see the same results?

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  • Tanya_10671797
    Tanya_10671797 Member Posts: 8
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    Hi Rav, this has occurred twice with the same recipient. There haven't been any other times when I have cc'd a recipient. I have now asked if the email ended up in their junk folder but it hasn't.