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Cancel STP Registration so ATO doesn't keep following up unfinalised year

KateMcArthurKateMcArthur Member Posts: 1


We are the tax agent for a client who uses Reckon Hosted. They setup their STP in their Hosted file but never finalised it by providing their Software ID to the ATO nor did they lodge any STP files during 2020.

However, we as TAP keep getting notices from the ATO advising us that this client hasn't lodged their 2020 STP finalisation. I've called the ATO to get them to cancel the notice but they advised us they couldn't change it from their end, they believe it is coming from data Reckon has sent in to them and suggested we contact Reckon.

Is there a way the client can 'unregister' for STP within the Reckon Hosted program that will take them off Reckon's list that is being reported to the ATO?

Thank you.


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,743 Administrator

    HI @KateMcArthur

    Just to clarify, at this stage your client has registered their ABN to the GovConnect service only without sending through any submissions at all?

    If there are no submissions then we can delete the ABN from the GovConnect service however if no Software ID has been registered on the ATO end then there has been no connection made to the ATO as such.

    If you can give me the ABN in question, I'll confirm if I can delete the ABN registration.

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