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I am using Reckon Business Range- (Reckon Accounts Premier edition 20) for our small business for Tyre Wholesale and Retail mechanical workshop.

At the moment, I do nothing about CRM, by using this package. Can someone give me any insights as to how I can harness business growth through CRM, by using my current system.

Such as sending reminders when next car service is due, reminders to come and do other mechanical repairs recommended, any special offers, email price lists etc etc



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    Hi Lilani

    Whilst Reckon Accounts is an accounting software rather than a CRM solution, there are some small features that can assist, but these aren't really automatic.

    • Using (Customer) dated "Notes" is a good option as you can use the List "Find" to search database text (eg a specific date etc)
    • There is a "To Do List" feature under the Company dropdown menu - This is basically a dated Note that you can set to "Remind .." you about upon opening your Co File that day.  Unfortunately, this is a stand-alone feature & doesn't link to any List names but the list can be reported on & modified.
    • Another option is utilising the Invoice "Memo" field onscreen for adding service/repair reminders etc. as you can run customised reports to pick up this info.
    • There is a mail merge feature for some basic default Letter templates but you also have the option of creating your own Letter templates there too which you can save & re-use (eg for Reminder mailouts)  This is under "Company" > "Prepare Letters with Envelopes"

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    Just adding to Shaz's response, you might also be interested in checking out our Add-on's delivered by our development partners. A CRM option that integrates with Reckon Accounts Desktop is CreateaCRM and is really robust & customisable solution. I'll link some more info below -

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