no way to record a refund?

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hi there

very new to reckon and have just signed up to start doing my books properly in a new business thats taking off. i have so far linked my account and added codes to all incoming and outgoing money and attempted to reconcille but....

i have a number of refunds (from a range of things that i got money back from after supplier being unable to fulfill orders) that i need to enter as refunds into but there is no refund button or category. i have the people refunding listed as both a supplier and a customer.

Any pointers here? Quite frustrating its missing such a fundamental function!

(not im not a financial mastermind, juts trying to do some simple financial tracking, so i dont understand a lot of jargon and lingo. do you think xero would be easier to use?)


  • Rav
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    Hi @nic_h, welcome to the Reckon Community. Glad to have you on board.

    We've got an awesome range of support content that will help you along the way as you get started with Reckon One.

    I'd recommend keeping an eye on our Help site at which contains guides on a huge range of topics.

    Our How-To video playlist for Reckon One will also be a great resource for you as it contains short videos that step you through a number of common tasks & activities - Reckon One How-To Video Playlist

    I'll link our how -to video on processing cash refunds from suppliers below.

  • Kris_Williams
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    You can enter the refunds as cash sales, item - Purchases refund, linked to Purchases Expense and tax code NCG same as when you paid the supplier. You can also do a journal entry if you prefer happy to guide you through that if you wish. I think it is simpler but I have many years bookkeeping experience.

    did you enter bills for these purchases or just make payments in the cheque window? This will also impact on how you handle the refund if you did

  • nic_h
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    Thanks Rav, and Kris

    I followed the video but it ended up adding the amount twice to my main account meaning the reconcillition was even more out and had to uncheck both refunds - there also looks to be no way to delete that SAN

    I ahve just imported my bank account and in the fast coding have assigned expenses, income etc so I havent got into entering bills and invoices yet.

    It certainly is a difficult piece of software to get ones head around, poor user interface, unituituve and lots of little niggles that make it hard to use. There is also no drawings option.

    Is Reckon maybe too much for me to use? Is there a simpler version I could use? I have a accountant that does all my taxes but I wanted to make it easier for myself come BAS time and yearly tax by having something well organised he could use.

  • Kris_Williams
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    Reckon is not really that difficult but it would help you to find an accredited trainer in your area and have a couple of hours training setting up and using your file. Makes the world of difference!