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Hi, I am trying to transfer a copy of the company backup file onto an external hardrive. Not sure if it matters but I'm using a laptop with Windows 10 and Google Chrome. I have the company backup on drive B and can download the file but as soon as I click the the downloaded file (on the bottom left corner) this message pops up "This file does not have the app associated with it for performing the action. Please install an app or, if one is already installed, creat an association in the Default Apps Settings page." Advice much appreciated.

*still not a fan of hosted after years of using the intalled program :-(


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    The underlying program behind Hosted is Reckon Accounts - Enterprise Version. The message you have received means that you do not have this program on the machine from which you are trying to work on the backup file.

    I am a Professional Partner and this includes the ability to download a copy of the program onto to my machine. Not sure if the same access is offered to people who are not Partners. (And, obviously, I don't know your relationship with Reckon.)

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    To clarify, you are attempting to open the file you've downloaded from Hosted from a local destination in this case your hard drive, correct?

    As @Bruce has mentioned, it sounds like you don't have a Reckon software on your local PC for the file to open. As a Reckon Accounts Hosted customer, you are entitled to a complimentary single user copy of Reckon Accounts Enterprise while your Hosted subscription is active. If you give our Customer Service team a call, they can organise this for you.

    Once you have Enterprise installed on your local PC then you'll be able to open the company file downloaded from Hosted to

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    Thanks for your reply Rav,

    I'm just wanting a copy of the backup file on my external hardrive. I don't need to open it to use it, we are supposed to have a copy of our own backup that's not on Reckon yes? I have done it previously because I see the files on my hardrive from last year but for some reason unable to now, maybe too many festive drinks and I'm doing it wrong now lol. I miss the old right click copy and paste options :-(

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    I suspect that you are left clicking on the file, which is tantamount to wanting to run it or open it. If you right click on the downloaded file in the corner of your browser, you should see an option along the lines of "show in folder". This will then give you details of the folder that it has been downloaded to - that will be the folder that you have set up for all of your downloads to go to. Using Windows Explorer, go the where that file is residing and then copy it to your external backup drive in the same manner as you copy any other file. This is a very straight forward process.

    John L G

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    John is right. You can control C the file online and Control V to your external. It's a simply copy / paste operation

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    Ah yes thank you John, I tried everything except "show in folder" lol. Thanks so much for your help everyone, have a great day :D

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