Bank Feed Issues

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I am regularly having bank feed issues. I just logged in and all transactions since 14th April are not showing.

I seem to have this issue more and more regularly and have to upload the transactions manually. Am I missing a refresh step or something that I should do when the feed does not happen automatically??


  • acbltd
    acbltd Member Posts: 12

    I am still having issues with the bank feeds, have spoken to another technician today and they were calling me back in 15 minutes but 3 hours have now passed... It has been months of issues and I am thinking having the bank feed module just isn't worth it when I have either one or two transactions or up to a whole week missing just about every time.

  • Rav
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    Hi @acbltd

    I'm really sorry to hear our tech hasn't got back to you in the promised timeframe on this issue. Have you received a callback since your last post above? If not, can you send me a Private Message with your case number and I'll chase it up for you.

  • acbltd
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    HI - no response, I have sent you a message, thanks.

  • JCPsych
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    I have this problem EVERY SINGLE MONTH with the odd transaction missing. To call the help centre during business hours means I have to cancel bookings in my business, effectively costing me between $80 and $180. The things they do to fix it work less than half the time and the problem recurrs. When I try to work it out via email I'm often told there is not a problem despite me clearly showing there absolutley is. I thought the last person I spoke to (the first one that listened and was polite) but here I am again.

    Is there a way to maually get an individual transaction entered? This will be my last effort to make Reckon useful to me.

    Oddly the problem seemed to begin about the same tiem the fees went up. I suspect theyve cut costs somewhere at the same time and customers are paying more for the inconvenience