Accounts need for Refresh of IKC

I have Accounts Personal 2016 and as I upgrade my desktop PC with a clone (lets not talk about Windows stability), I find Reckon 'forgets' its IKC and I have to call Reckon, wait on the phone, go through the process of IDing me, providing the Product code, getting the IKC etc.

If it is the weekend - it means Reckon is unavailable until I make the call on the next business day.

I backup all my data, my apps and clone the O/S ... but still I am dependent on Recon answering the phone when I need them.

Is there something else I should be backing up to avoid this arduous, needless process ?


  • Rav
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    Hi John,

    You don't need to get on the phone to activate your software if that's what you need to do. Head over to this page instead and kick off an online chat and one of our team members can give you what you need after checking off a few details.

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  • John_8122725
    John_8122725 Member Posts: 4

    Are they available 7 days / week ? and if so in what time zone ? or are they available 24 hrs ?