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Cannot Use Mouse Click only ALT

Joanne CrangJoanne Crang Member Posts: 2

I all of a sudden cannot use a mouse click on a button that has an Alt option. Buttons without Alt option are clickable? Is this a setting I have changed? Am using google Chrome.


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,570 Community Manager

    Hi @Joanne Crang

    Which button specifically are you attempting to click in Hosted? Has it worked normally before?

    Can you please exit the file (File ➡️ Exit) and then log off the session as well in the Hosted control panel. Log off Hosted in full and then reopen it, login and try again. Does the same thing happen?

  • Joanne CrangJoanne Crang Member Posts: 2

    It was working fine up until Thursday last week.

    Friday it did not work.

    And still doesn't work today - have closed down and reopened etc.

    Examples of buttons that I cannot click are Save & New or Save & Close on the bill entry screen. Pay Selected Bills on the Pay Bills screen. If the button doesn't have a Alt option (eg cancel on the pay bills screen) I can click on it fine with the mouse)

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