I recently upgraded our computer and have tried to set up MFA on the desktop to use in Reckon Govconnect but I cannot get it to work. I have added the extension on Google taskbar but when I open it up it does not generate a code. Do I have to delete in Reckon Govconnect? If so can you advise how I do that when I can't get a code.



  • Rav
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    How were you previously receiving your MFA codes? Did you have browser extension on your previous PC and do you still have access to it?

    Normally, you can revoke the MFA via your profile using existing authenticator. If that isn't possible ie. you can no longer access the original authenticator then the secondary method is to use the Recovery PIN option if you retained it when the MFA was first setup.

    Info on using the Recovery PIN here -

    Failing those two methods above, then our support team can organise the removal of the existing Multi Factor Authentication. They'll just need to carry out a security check first.

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    Thanks Rav. I was able to get back into the old computer and revoked the MFA. Now in the process of setting up on new PC. Thanks for your help.