I am using Reckon STP Mobile - Months that I updated were included in the Year end total. Wrong.

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I am using Reckon STP Mobile - I updated 3 months because of incorrect entries. I am now doing my year end reconcile and it is out exactly by the 3 months of old records that were updated.

Is there a way to fix this?


  • Rav
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    Hi @MPeter

    The first thing I'd recommend you do is update to the latest version of the STP app if you haven't already, v1.14.11 just so you're on the current edition.

    Ok so with that out of the way, lets get something to keep in mind is, the Pay Summary section in the app is not a live figure with what the ATO has for your employee(s). Rather, its an accumulation of ALL submissions regardless of their status ie. Success, Error, Pending etc and also any YTD balances entered for the employee when you first set them up.

    What I'd recommend you do is this;

    Check the balances for each of your employees in the EOFY 2020/21 report and review the balances listed on the report.

    If they are incorrect, which you've already mentioned they are, then head out of the EOFY report and create an Update Event in the app for the required employees to bring their figures in line with what they should be in reality. I'll link a guide below which outlines in step by step detail how to create and use an Update Event -

    Once you've done that, create a new EOFY report, check the balances again, they should be correct now that you've made your amendments. Once all correct, send through the EOFY finalisation report.

    The reason I'm getting you to amend your figures prior to sending through the EOFY Report is because the EOFY finalisation will OVERWRITE anything that the ATO has received currently. This means that once your figures are correct in the app for your EOFY finalisation then the ATO will also receive these figures as the full & final report for the year and will overrule anything that came before it.

    There's a more detailed guide in our guide below -