Payroll App and Superannuation

I have migrated from STP app to new free Payroll App. I work for a church where the Pastors as Minister of Religion gets paid part of their pay as Taxable Income, which I report to ATO, and part as an Exempt Benefit which I do not report to ATO. 

I need to manually enter a Superannuation amount as the superannuation paid per fortnight is calculated on both pay components but in your new app it only calculates the superannuation on the reportable part. So the Super payment calculated in the app will never be correct.


  • Rav
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    Hi @BC_Office

    The super guarantee rate can be customised to whatever you like in a pay run however it will calculate when the minimum $450 threshold is reached. There is no ability in the Payroll App currently for super to be paid on balances that have not reached that threshold.

  • Joseph Li
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    What I did 2 weeks ago was to change the pay run super % to above the mandated %. Super contribution in excess of 10% of gross wages would appear as RESC in the income statement.

  • Peter Wilson_10716619
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    I want to create first pay run for this FY in Payroll App. Firstly I just want to include a Gross Salary amount but the app wants hours worked and rate per hour. I pay a full dollar amount but end up with cents as not enough decimal places for calculation for part-time employee. Also I have already paid SG for my employee on 2/7/21 which is a quarterly amount but the app can't accept it - wants to calculate on a fortnightly basis. How can it be adjusted for quarterly payment of SG? I also have same issue as others that SG only calculates from salary but my employee has non taxed fringe benefits which also attract SG.

  • AnneTaylor
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    I have the same issue with quarterly payments and the employer super amount being calculated using the SG % and not able to be overridden (as I pay a different % amount).

    I tried the work around above and changed the SG% to produce the correct result. However, the amounts that were sent to the ATO (and showing through MyGov) are the standard % amounts and not the amounts that I entered in the app.

    I was told a couple of weeks ago that a software update was coming to fix this. However I haven't received any communication to that effect and have just retried on the app and it all looks the same.

    I am unable to complete my year end process because of this as the year end process on the app is recalculating the super at the standard % and none of it matches. My accountant says he cannot edit it after the fact.

  • Peter Wilson_10716619
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    Thanks for your comment Anne. I am reluctant to start this FY reporting until I know if this super query is sorted out.

    Rav, can you please inform if changing SG% to produce correct result has happened or if allowing Quarterly Super payments has happened as well.

    If not, can all this be corrected with adjustment at end of FY 2021/22?

    I am using "Basic" system.

  • Rav
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    If you alter the % rate of super in a pay run it will show this within that pay run itself however the Pay Summary section in the app will return the total amount reported for Super Guarantee only ie. the default 10% rate. Any additional amount above this rate is then reported under RESC.

    Rest assured, the amounts in the pay run data will be reported to the ATO when its submitted ie. the full amount that you enter for super, not just the 10%.

    Your payslips and Pay Summary Report will show the full amount for Super Guarantee as well.

  • BC_Office
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    Hi Rav,

    I am using the new Payroll App, free version.

    I have only done one payrun for this financial year and in the Payroll App I am getting three different amounts of Superannuation reported. I had to adjust the % rate of super as I have one employee who gets paid non taxed fringe benefits that super is paid on.

    In the Payruns section it is showing the correct amount of Super (so the payslips are correct) but in the Employees Pay Summary section it is giving me a different figure of super and then in the Payroll Summary Report it is reporting another figure. So three different amounts of Super. In your comments above you said that the Pay Summary Report and payslips will show the full amount of Super Guarantee but mine has different figures.

    I have another another employee who get paid 11.5% Super Guarantee and they also have three different figures showing up in the different reports.

  • LBdoc
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    Hi Rav.

    I am using this new payroll app - free version.

    Under the free STP app I was able to directly input employer contributions. As a nominated $ amount (not calculated to any percentage) It appears now the only 2 options are SG and salary sacrifice.

    Please advise if direct amounts of Emp contributions can be inputed and how this is achieved.

    Thank you AB

  • abdalls
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    Hi @Rav ,

    I'd like to contribute more than 10% in super for my employee. The Reckon free app (Payroll app). Does not allow me to enter in an amount. It caps at 10%. How can I change this so I can contribute a custom amount which is greater than 10%?

  • Joseph Li
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    @abdalls I am able to put in a custom super percentage that is greater than 10%. The extra amount is shown as RESC in myGov income statement. However App Pay Summary would show only the mandatory 10% SG amount. This is a feature of the free Payroll App.