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This function seems not to be working when I want to select it when I am within the Pay Run screen of the new Payroll App.

I want to select a payrun that was submitted by mistake to the ATO.

I try and use the + function and select New Adjustment but it won't let me select the payrun I need to adjust.

The amount submitted to the ATO is appearing on the STP Employee in the Business Portal and the employees ATO income statement. This is incorrect and needs to be adjusted.

I need to create an update event to reverse this payrun.

Any thoughts anyone?


  • Joseph Li
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    I think to submit adjustment to a submitted pay run is to edit the submitted pay run to the correct figures then resubmit. This would create an update event. So if pay run appears on the Payruns screen it can be edited.

  • swakhlu01 .
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    @dhed In Payroll app you don't use the "+"key to create an adjustment. It is misleading though as you found out. In the Payrun list next to Done there is a ">" key. Press it and then the 3 dots ... on top right. From here you run the "edit pay run (revert to draft)" function. But I am not too sure what adjustments you are required to make. I am just giving you the process of making adjustments to payruns in Payroll App.

  • Rav
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    @dhed I've just flicked a reply back to your PM. Check it out when you can.


  • KarenAlice
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    I need to do adjustments for 3 employees of a client am unable to do so. I cannot find anything on the payruns to be able to edit. This payroll app is absolutely terrible I have already spent way too much time on this and now to find that I am unable to do an adjustment !!!!!

    Words fail me

  • Rav
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    I'd recommend that you create your own new discussion (click the new discussion) button above and provide me as much information on what you need to do and how you're currently trying to do it in the app as possible. I need meaningful info in order to try and help you.