Freezing on Pop up window in Safari Version 14.1.1 when printing

IanEdwards Member Posts: 1

While printing in Safari the pop up window for printing freezes and so does the other two tabs, Login Tab & Company file tab. Preferences are set to allow in pop up area.

All tabs freeze & need to be shut down.

This only has started happening in the last couple of weeks. Within Chrome, it works fine.

Any suggestions..


  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 13,734 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi @IanEdwards

    Unfortunately I've got word that the new Safari version now has issues printing when using Safari on a Mac only 

     If you use a different web browser on Mac it will be fine as you've mentioned that you have found with Chrome. Really sorry about this! It's being investigated.

  • Viv A
    Viv A Member Posts: 85 ✭✭

    I have just tried using Safari instead of Chrome because I now how trouble printing from Chrome :( I was told that one of my templates must be corrupt ... but now it's happening with others! I really don't have time to sit down and reconstruct these templates that we have used successfully for over a decade ... Please help! We have been emailing everything and having to print from there...

  • Liam Francisco
    Liam Francisco Member Posts: 17

    I have similar issues all the time using my iPad, using my desktop or laptop no problems whatsoever. I find this annoying as they say how it is mobile device friendly, this has definitely not been my experience. Good luck hope you sort it out.

  • gbarnier
    gbarnier Member Posts: 1

    I have had the same issue for months. I have even upgraded to a new Mac yesterday and the problem continues. I use hosted as it works on all devices. Well .... it used to. I have allowed pop ups in safari preferences for the site etc.

    Very frustrating. It appears to have occurred when Safari added new security to their applications earlier this year. Reckon really needs to look at this as a lot if users use Macs.