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End Of Day POS

wakawaka Member Posts: 9

We are unable to see the post for the end of day on Cloud Pos as below on the Reckon help

1.     POST Click this button to post End of Day (Z) transaction(s) to your connected Reckon Accounts Hosted data file. Please wait until it completes posting transaction(s) over to your data file. It might take a while.

All we get is as below

Thank You


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,796 Community Manager

    Hi @waka

    Can you please give the page a hard refresh by pressing Ctrl and F5. Does the POST option appear for you after this?

  • wakawaka Member Posts: 9

    Hi Rav,

    No the POST does not appear after I refreshed by Ctrl and F

  • wakawaka Member Posts: 9

    Hi Rav

    Yes I have just been back in after shutting down and reopening POS and all working now. I can see the POST Thank Thank You ☺️

  • wakawaka Member Posts: 9

    Hi Rav

    We are having the same issue with the CLOUDPOS, in particular when we go to end shift the POS goes back to Reckon One Portal and there are no reports

    We have also lost some of the items during the day. Im not happy with the Cloud PoS especially as I recommended to a client. I have used Hosted from when it was first introduced... I have read you have an upgraded POS coming but when???

    In the meantime can you assist with our issues today and yes I have tried the pressing Ctrl+F5

    Thank You

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