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I'm New to Accounts Hosted having used Quickbooks for years. I want to make the email more professional looking when sending from Accounts Hosted. i.e. I want to include my company logo, cell phone details etc into the body of the email (not the attachment). How do I do it. Looks very untidy presently.


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    You can customise your templates to include additional elements such as logos, company details, phone numbers etc

    To add a logo image you'll need to upload it your Hosted Q drive first using the Floating Toolbar and then select the 'Use Logo' option and select the image from its saved location on the Q drive. (Screenshot example below).

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    Hi @Rav , I believe @bromleysteel  wants to include custom info in the email itself, not the exported PDF.

    @bromleysteel, I don't think it is possible to do so at the moment.

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  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 11,638 Community Manager

    Apologies, yes you're right @PhuongDo.

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    What about preferences "send forms". I know you can amend the email for Invoices, I don't know about the logo but if 7ou can amend then surely you can do more and upload the logo as Ravi suggests and then post it into the email in preferences

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