Don't forget your pay run

Got an email stating that you have noticed that "its been a little while since you last submitted a pay run".

We pay fortnightly and our last pay run according to the Recon App was on the 11th of November.

Somzing tells me zat zometink is Kaputt !

What gives ????😣

Where do I go from here ?



    BETH BARCLAY Member Posts: 2

    Our company also received a missing pay run alert. I had to first check the bank and then the app to see if I had missed signing my declaration. All was in order so wondering why our company and others received this concerning alert which meant spending unnecessary time to double check.

    Is there something I'm missing?

  • Ann_10138137
    Ann_10138137 Member Posts: 4

    We also received the same email and I send our pay runs in weekly . I am also worried I am missing something or not doing something right . As we have not subscribed to premium there doesn't seem to be any direct customer assist available to us

  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,092 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi everyone,

    We sent out reminder emails for those users who were using the old STP app previously but hadn't migrated to the Payroll App quite a while ago now so its a bit strange that you're getting them now 😵

    From the sounds of it you've all migrated and been using the Payroll App too which is great.

    Can I just confirm for those who received this email, did you receive it on a BigPond email address?

  • Ann_10138137
    Ann_10138137 Member Posts: 4

    No I did not receive it on a Bigpond email address

    BETH BARCLAY Member Posts: 2

    No Bigpond address used by our company.

  • Vic999
    Vic999 Member Posts: 6

    Nope, don't use Bigpond either.

    But its reassuring that you have this channel of communication....

    I had a feeling this was something to do with the conversion, but it helps to know.

    I realize that its a bit much to be supplying Free Support, but this doesn't appear to be a problem with users, rather a glitch.

    Otherwise, we wouldn't have any way of checking if our figures agree at the end of the year ??