Transfer Reckon One data to mobile app?

JenS_10862561 Member Posts: 2

I have Reckon One with the Payroll and Tracktime modules and have just downloaded the Payroll app - but it doesn't seem like I can access my Reckon One info from the app. Is there a way of transferring this data, or are Reckon One and the payroll app completely separate?


  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,743 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi @JenS

    Yes, Reckon One and the Payroll App are completely separate products so unfortunately you won't be able to access your existing data on it.

    The Payroll App only performs payroll functionality whereas Reckon One has the ability to add a broader range of functions such as the Time module which you've mentioned.

    Is there any particular reason you were looking to use the Payroll App?

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  • JenS_10862561
    JenS_10862561 Member Posts: 2

    I’d like employees to be able to complete their timesheets via an app, rather than a website browser - that then integrates with payroll