Payroll App setting up a Salary non hrly rate worker

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I just downloaded payroll basic. trying to set up a Salary emp but can not find the option. Tried to create a new Salary but it says already exists???

How do we do this??


  • Rav
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    Hi @EMDPG

    Are you trying to create a custom earnings item called 'Salary'? Rather than naming it that, give it a name of Salary1 or something a little different and let me know if it creates successfully for you

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    I can try that, no problems. How ever considering it says Salary already exists why can’t I find it to try and use it?

  • swakhlu01 .
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    @EMDPG All payroll systems convert a fixed salary into hourly / daily rates. In case of Reckon Payroll app the hourly rate is used. So in order to enter the employees salary you will have to convert the salary into hourly rate and apply the equivalent ordinary hours worked for the pay period. You may choose to treat the entire salary for the pay period as an hourly rate and use hours worked as 1 hour.