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Hi there - I submitted my final pay run / STP for 21/22 today (3 July) but then realized that that pay run won't show up on the EOFY submission as I had the Pay Date as 3/7/2022. It had already been successful in ATO lodgement. I then reverted it back to Draft, tried to change the Pay Date to 30/6/2022, but couldn't, so deleted that one and created a new one and then resubmitted it. Now I have 1 pay run dated 30/6/2022 on the Pay runs tab, but 2 "previous submissions" in the STP tab, dated 3/7/2022, both "Success". When I ran my 21/22 EOFY submission, the totals now matched and when I look at the EOFY submission (just to look at) for the 22/23 year, there is no reported Pay Runs or figures listed there. Will the ATO see 2 submissions and wonder what's going on, or does the later STP submission override the information? First year of implementation and confusion! Thanks, Charlie.


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    @Newbold12 At this stage what matters is the YTD amounts that appear in the employee Income Statement through STP reported to ATO. If there is a way to check this with the employee that will give you some certainty of what actually was reported. I am assuming you have not submitted the EOFY 21-22 Payrun report to ATO yet.

    Best to recheck the YTD Pay summary for 2022-23 once you create and submit the normal first 2022-23 Payrun for the employee at the next payrun. That will clear any doubts of extra payrun for July.

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    Hi @Newbold12

    I wouldn't worry too much about this. Yes the STP submission that was initially sent dated 3/7 will remain in the STP tab as we're required to retain all submissions that have been sent.

    When you deleted the pay run, it deleted the pay runs balances that were associated with the incorrect date in the app, it was still sent to the ATO though via STP. However when you create and send your first pay run for the 2022/23 financial year, your in-app Pay Summary will start counting from then and any Year to Date balances on the ATO end will be updated as well.

    Just a note for future, if you ever find yourself in the situation where you need to edit the dates of a pay run that has already been created, you can do so by reverting it to draft and then press the menu button that appears in the top right ➡️ Tap the 'Edit or add employee' option ➡️ Make changes to the dates as required and save ➡️ Ensure that mark the pay run as paid and send through the subsequent STP submission for it as an adjustment ie. tick the 'Submit as an adjustment' option on the declaration screen.

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    Thanks Rav - that makes sense, hence why I resubmitted it after deleting the other. I wasn’t able to find how to change the date - now I do. Appreciate the response.